Gabriella Barouch: Art

I find Gabriella Barouch’s illustrations so marvellously, pattern filled and life like, they are a beautiful mix of half human and half animal; strange as you may think Barouch’s style of drawing makes mixing the two look quite the norm. Realistic deer heads sit casually, atop ladies bodies, clasped hands wind together to form a small chirping bird, an old mans white hair sprout various bird heads, while willowing flowers and roots meander down, intertwining into his lengthy, refined beard.

Barouch seems to really connect her drawings with nature; animals appear to make themselves at home and at one with humans, the way in which her work is presented; the sketchbook, lain bare in its natural form, a simple, earthy palette.

I particularly enjoy, the injured bear together with the soothing, concerned child, for me the connection within Barouch’s work between nature and people is made quite lucid whilst admiring this specific piece.