Jack Teagle: Art

Jack Teagle has resurrected Elvis Presley... with line and solid colours. Although not an exact rendition, Teagle's Elvis appears as if he could bring something entirely fresh, if not sinister, to the stage.

His 'Fighters', very masculine, square and of foreign appearance, appear to exercise a 'Looking for trouble' nature, yet the only things the 'Fighters' seem to be fighting are domestic, ordinary and commonplace situations... 'Annubus' battles the rain with an umbrella, 'Busy Fighter' multitasks this n' that, evidently squeezing in a trip to Tesco at some point. Another helpless 'Fighter' appears to be caught in a jam with his washing machine, becoming quite agitated by his own ill knowledge. And finally, my favourite, 'Diablo vs The Wonky Wheel', surely uttering some unholy language to match his unholy disposition. 

These creatures, be they fighters or not are merely an example of Rocky Balboa's famous understanding - no matter how distinguished you are, there's always a struggle whether its inside or outside of the ring.