Laura Barnard: Illustration

Laura Barnard's illustrations lace off into other things or simply just more things, sometimes of the same kind, sometimes into messages.

"You Make My Heart Race", is a personal favourite for many, I expect. Something so simple, so demode, transformed into a statement of meaning, of love. The delicate implications of running shoes, races and winning laced together with a breathless message of love is all so beautifully crafted.

"Several Spectacles", portrays an abundance of colourful eye wear that encapsulates various colours of triangles. The opposing positions of the eye wear legs, I feel, give the whole piece movement and perspective. 

With so many of these goggles I cant help but dream of what life would be like if they were distributed all over the country and everyone saw through the colours Laura has chosen. It seems she turns anything into something!

Laura Barnard's Web Site