The Emotion Lab: Interview

Hey Guys welcome to the Freak Show, could you give us a little background about yourselves?

Thanks for your interest! We're a creative industrial design studio based in Barcelona which offer a simple, honest and functional approach to design, centred on the generation of rich, lasting emotions. We launched publicly in November 2009 and we're really enjoying seeing the studio grow and ideas coming to fruition.

How did you Guys get together?

We all met while studying a Master in Product Design here in Barcelona. It wasn't until a while after doing the Master and going our separate ways that the idea to collaborate and form a team came to light. They say 'birds of a feather, flock together', and it was really this common desire and passion for design that brought the team together.  It's funny because we come from three different continents and have found this mix to be a real advantage in terms of insights and cultural persectives - Tom Allen (Australian), Christian Vivanco (Mexican) and Yago Rodríguez (Spanish).

When and how did your talents surface and - When and how were they recognised?

As individuals our talents probably sprouted at different times... As a team, anyone who has started a business before knows that it's no easy task. Finding a healthy group dynamic and working as a true team comes with time, work and the building of trust. It's then that the talents as a group can more easily come to light. We're quite active on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Behance etc. and this has certainly helped give our work recognition to the world. Early on, we were published on various design and technology blogs which certainly boosted interest and from that we then received an influx of mails from magazines and individuals showing support. We're grateful for that.

Is there any particular fuel or influence that is a driver to your creations?

Obviously our surroundings, past experiences, travels and life within the urban sprawl of Barcelona has an impact... but our particular fuel really lies in the end user of our products. We always ask ourselves what emotional element we are working into our products and focus on the experience we want to create for the user.

What future projects are we looking out for - What's expected?

We have quite a few projects in the pipeline across a diverse range of products... We're really not restricting ourselves because there are so many markets we feel we can apply our methodology to in order to innovate. Remaining focussed on provoking strong emotions and keeping our design responsible is priority. We'll show you some new work soon!

We are called the Freak Show :) - We often hunt/seek for a freakish nature in and amongst artists we support - What features of yours, or your works bear an unusual disposition?

Hmmm, that's a harder question. We'll let you guys decide that one. Everyone interprets your work in a different way and will relate it to their own personal experiences. We like to remind ourselves that people really are emotional beings. A quote by Dale Carnegie helps us remember this, ‎"When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion..."

If people wanted to commission you to dowork for them, or just wanted to find out more about you, how could they go about doing it?

Just send us through a mail or get in contact with us via our Facebook page or Twitter. We're always open to new collaborations and projects and are always excited by new challenges and opportunities!