Tran Nguyen: Art

The fluid, fluent and eloquent state of our characters here, is somewhat hypnotic and mesmerising. As she rests to engage with something or someone unknown, Chloe's dreamy eyes gaze so intensely that we barely notice the coated frog, who seems so charmed by Chloe's irresistible, lucid state. 

While the nationality or whereabouts of Tran Nguyen's people remains undecided with me, their beauty is undeniable. We are often so drawn to the eyes that are so drawn elsewhere. I am comfortable with the thought that they hail from their own paradise. They seem neither happy nor sad, although I feel from the colours and shadows, the mood often gravitates towards despondency.

I particularly admire the composition of arms... the flesh, bone and shadows. And also, Nguyen's intentions.