Victo Ngai: 1200 Posters

1200 Posters is an experiment in community, conversation and collaboration. Using text from Margaret Wheatley’s “Turning to One Another,” a rotating team of artists and designers will make one poster every month for a year. Each poster will be handmade and sold in editions of 100 with all proceeds going to the artists that created them.


The quote that my poster is based off is" Notice what you care about, assume many others share your dream."


I really believe in artist community and was very excited when I was invited to participate in this project. There's a Chinese saying: "it takeshardwork, talent, and luck to be successful". I believe having good relationships with people makes up a large part of the "luck". Since graduating in 2010, I've been trying to find a place in the highly competitive editorial illustration industry. In the limited few months of my career, I was very lucky to encounter and be helped out by a lot of great people. Some gave me constructive criticisms, some extended job opportunities, some shared their experiences and business tactics with me, some inspired me, and some helped me get back on my feet when times were hard. I can't possibly imagine where I would be without all these people. Be genuine to people; gratefully receive generous help and help generously, I think that's what community is for me.